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central cable worker driving a machine
central cable workers fastening a cable tube to the ground
central cable worker flatting grass
central cable workers putting wires into a cable tube
central cable workers using a crane to move a heavy unit
central cable workers laying wires in the fall
central cable using a cat machine to level dirt
Central Cable workers getting gravel out of a dumb truck
central cables laying grass seed after a project is complete
ALS concrete products cable boxes


We are committed to relentlessly striving to be the industry leader in quality and production while never losing sight that our relationship with our customers is the top priority. We recognize that our employees are our most valued asset and will stay committed to providing a safe, family-oriented work environment.


A lot has changed since 1974, the year Central Cable was founded. The industry has experienced a revolution with the advancement of such products as fiber optic cable and the development of construction methods such as directional boring. Central Cable has substantially grown over the decades from just a handful of employees to an industry leader with over 185 employees.

Through all the growth and prosperity, we have always stayed true to our core values. As noted in our mission statement, our priorities lie in our relationships with our customers and our employees. We believe that if we stay committed to these relationships and are diligent in all facets of business, we will continue to prosper.

old photo of central cable workers talking
old photo of central cable workers laying cable under water
old photo of central cable workers in a field
old machines in a field
old photo of central cable workers breaking up concrete
old photo of central cable machines
old photo of central cable employees trying to lay cable in the ground
old photo of the central cable team
old photo of a central cable worker stuck in the water in his john deere machine

…they [Central Cable] have done more than a good job for Comm 1, they have done a great job.  …Community Leaders and residents all were very complimentary on how fast, efficient and [their] cleanup was amazing.

Randy Yeakel, Communications 1 Network, Inc.

Central Cable is very well organized and does very high-quality work from installation to splicing and is one of the best to work with on the projects.

Glenn Otteson, Communication Network Engineering, Inc (CNE)

If you want a job done right the first time, call Central Cable! They are the most professional, well organized and efficient contractors I have ever worked with! They do quality work!

Scott Schabacker, Cooperative Telephone Company (CTC Technology)