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Splicing has evolved tremendously over the past 5 years as FTTH technology has become the predominant design compared to copper and fiber in the loop systems of the past. Our splicers have embraced these changes and have evolved with the industry. Many of our splicers have the ability to work on both copper and fiber optic systems giving them the ability to handle any design our construction crews are building. FTTH technology has several designs and we have experience in all of the designs currently available to the communications industry.

Our experiences with the FTTH design include but are not limited to the following:

  • C.O. fiber optic cable and MIC cable routing and terminating with grounding to meet all applicable local and federal codes
  • Splice case installation
  • Open architecture pedestal construction following the cable manufacturers loop length limit requirements
  • Pre-connectorized plant design in conjunction with loose tube fiber splicing 
  • ONT installation
  • Hot cuts and emergency restoration
  • Ribbon cable
  • OTDR testing at multiple wave lengths
  • Ribbon cable with the ability to ribbonize loose tube cable